Our Foam Types, Grades & Options

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Our Foam Grades Explained

After much research and feedback from our customers over the years, we outline here our range of foam types, grades and options which we believe meet the needs of our discerning customers. We can supply our foam as complete full and half sheets, or cut and supplied to your exact requirements for foam cushions, mattresses, overlays, or any other purpose you may have in mind.

Our varied types of foam

We offer various grades of our foam depending on its intended purpose. All our foam grades meet the latest fire retardancy regulations and are what are known as RX Foams. These are the product of the latest technology and are generally considered to be superior to the older ‘CMHR’ Foams. RX Foams always register a true density – in laymen’s terms this will keep their comfort and shape for a long time to come.

Allergy sufferers will also be glad to know that all of our foams are non-allergenic.

We list our various grades and options below and further down the page.

Premier Grade Foam

This comes in 4 options – SUPERSOFT, SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is without doubt the ‘Rolls Royce’ of our foam grades and has generated more praise from our customers than any or the other foam grades we offer. It’s by far our best selling foam. Our Premier grade is ultra high density, of the finest quality and provides a degree of luxurious comfort which we believe to be unsurpassed. This grade is suitable when you require a high quality long lasting foam.

We offer a five year guarantee on all our Premier Grade Foam and it is expected to last 9-10 years of normal use.

Comfort Plus Grade Foam

This grade foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is a high quality, high density foam grade which we have found to perform excellently in a variety of applications. If you have a requirement for a more economical foam that will be used daily as seat cushions or beds for example, then the life expectancy of this foam would normally be 5 years or more.

Budget Grade Foam

This foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. It is best suited when you require a less expensive foam for occasional or light use, for example headboards, pet beds, garden furniture etc. If you are not sure if this is the correct grade you need, then please contact us and we can advise you personally.

Visco-Elastic 'Memory' foam

This modern foam is available in a MEDIUM finish. Visco-Elastic foam has a very firm feel when first touched, but the heat sensitive nature of the foam means it will soften when body heat is transferred to it. This then gives a supportive and comfortable overlay for the body to lie on. This foam is generally only used for mattress overlays, for which it has proved to be very comfortable.

Foam Options & Services

Stockinette Undercovers

Our stockinette undercovers fit permanently around your new foam and are strongly recommended in order to give your outer covers a smooth, uncreased appearance. They also make the fitting and removal of covers considerably easier. The stockinette creates a barrier between the foam and the outer cover and so protects the foam from wearing, if the cover moves. Stockinette is not necessary on mattresses or overlays.

Polyester Fibre Wrapping

We can fit a polyester fibre wrapping to your new foam, to give a softer more rounded look to your cushions. It takes away the otherwise very angular look of new foam. We offer a STANDARD 6oz wrap which is what you will find on most existing suite cushions, or a HEAVY 14oz wrap which is required if you are replacing feather or fibre fillings with foam. This extra heavy wadding is needed to fill the shape that feather or fibre designed covers will have. We then fit stockinette undercovers over the polyester wrapping, again making it easier to remove the outer covers if required.

Stockinette cover being applied to a foam cushion
A Stockinette cover is applied to a new foam cushion
Dacron wrap is applied for a softer rounder looking foam cushion
Polyester fibre wrapping gives foam cushions a softer more rounded look


If the front edge of your new cushions need to be curved, we can ‘Bullnose’ them for you.

‘Keyhole’ Backrests

Very popular on caravan cushions, this profile is available to give a little interest to an otherwise plain backrest. Particularly attractive if the outer cover is going to be buttoned-on.

‘Kneeroll Front’ Edge

If you would like your seat cushions to have a raised ‘lip’, then we can bond a 1 inch ‘foam dome’ onto the top front edge of your cushion. This profile, especially when buttoned, gives a similar effect to that which is seen in many modern caravans, motor caravans and some domestic furniture.

A 'Bullnose' Foam shaped Cushion
A Foam Cushion with a 'Bullnosed' front
A 'keyhole' backrest shaped cushion
A 'keyhole' shaped backrest cushion
A foam cushion with a 'rolled front' applied
A foam cushion with a 'rolled front'

Custom Shape and Template FOAM Cutting Service

In addition to supplying foam sheeting, mattresses and cushions, if you have an unusually shaped foam requirement, we are more than pleased to make this for you. Just supply a paper Template from Newspaper/Wrapping Paper, or similar, and send it in to us.

Please remember to include your telephone number, thickness required and the type of foam you are looking for. If you are unsure on the Foam Grade to specify, please refer back to the ‘Our Foam Grades Explained’ section above or contact us for guidance.

When we receive the Template we will measure and contact you to confirm the price. You are not committed to purchase, in any way, by sending a Template to us. If you would like an approximate price in advance please contact us.

custom cut foam shapes

Foam For Any Purpose

On our website we have concentrated on talking in detail about the mattresses and domestic furniture foams that we can offer. Please realise, though, that we are able to supply you with foam and fibre that is made-to-measure for any purpose you have in mindboats, horseboxes, packaging, exhibition displays, window seats, caravans, cars and aircraft.

Over the years we’ve supplied foam for all these purposes – and many more!

24/7 Online Ordering

Foam For Home

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